As a creative.

Love and humor are the positive marks that I want to leave on the world. 

I am motivated by a calling, not a career or a specific path.

I am flexible like water, yet grounded like a sequoia. 

An artist by nature and a classically trained filmmaker, I have the soul of a storyteller.

I co-create big ideas for play, flow, truth, and inspiration.  

I am a master observer.  Losing myself in the present moment is my  drug. 


VIDEOWAYS is my creative studio and production company.  

I’ve directed crews to create commercials, music videos, short films and a two feature length documentaries. 

Over the past eight years, I’ve offered consulting and production support to hundreds of video shoots 

and have worked closely many amazing companies.

Musical Compositios

These are songs and sounds that I have composed through witnessing the space around me. Performed live, these tracks allow me to experiment and alter time and tempo, tone and emotion. I hope you enjoy them. 

Art Department

Lighting Designer

Mark Nelson


Playground Pictures

“Bullet Bride” (Series)

Rind Raja Picture Company

“Bad Detective”

Rind Raja Picture Company

“Who Are You”

Rind Raja Picture Company


Crowd Funding

In the early days of Kickstarter, a few friends and I pioneered a new business with a totally unheard of product called the Freaker. I was in charge of presenting it through video and building the brand. 

Art Residencies

As  a filmmaker, I'm thankful to be invited to very interesting places filled with  interesting people. Being an artist, I tend to  get along with the creative crowd very well  too so I was invited to the Colony  to play. This video was created over the two weeks and

screened at the 2015 Cucalorus Film Festival.


For  the past few years I've had the opportunity to dance with the camera  and the amazing dancers from Diablo Ballet. This past year I was a camera  operator while shooting at ODC in San Francisco. My friend Walter, the  director and editor always does such beautiful storytelling with these  films, I feel so proud to be a part of them and have enjoyed seeing them  play at film festivals. 

One of my favorites from Film School

This was an absolute blast to animate and make in the 6x1 animation class at UNCW. We shot on Super 8mm film. Myself and three classmates animated the movements. 

Improv Everywhere

Sometimes,  you just gotta have a little fun with themes. 

From the home movie  archive: We had a surplus of lightbulbs so I asked my mom to improv a  scene with my neighbors helping the procession.