Flyers and Mushrooms with Josh

Sat­ur­day! My friend Josh hooked it up by print­ing out 11 sheets of fly­ers for the show on some nice paper from his work. So grate­ful. I went over to Dolores park to meet u with him and another friend Chris. Smi­ley was rolling around the park sell­ing goods. He gave us an unbeat­able deal for some mush­rooms. what a guy! what a park! From there, we went back to my stu­dio to gob­ble down the mush­rooms and get funky with the fly­ers, water col­ors, a face scrub­bing brush and tear­ing. The day was awe­some fun and spon­ta­neous, lead­ing us to a Sene­galese restau­rant to wan­der into eat­ing an awe­some din­ner at the best table in the restau­rant for watch­ing an incred­i­ble Fla­menco Dance per­for­mance.

mushroom, coconut butter, peanut butter cracker





Open Studios




I have about 10 projects that are cur­rently opened up in my stu­dio. It is a lit­tle chaotic, but so much fun. Excited for this week to bring some clo­sure to some of the pieces and start­ing form­ing the lay­out of the instal­la­tion.

adding clouds to a mellow rock birdStucco paint on canvas