The doctor’s play at the No Boundaries International Art Colony


These are the shorts that I made dur­ing my 2 week Res­i­dency at the No Bound­aries Inter­na­tional Art Colony.
A very mag­i­cal time to cre­ate, explore and have fun on beau­ti­ful Bald Head Island with 15 other amaz­ingly tal­ented artists. We were a fam­ily on the island and will be life­long friends.

At the end of the 2 weeks, all the artist’s best work was hung in a beau­ti­ful show at Acme Art Stu­dio and is now being installed in the Wilma Daniels gallery exhi­bi­tion till next year. [You can also go catch this film on loop there]
This film also played as part of the 19th Cucalorus Film Fes­ti­val. An honor indeed to have a spot held for a mys­tery film I was mak­ing up until an hour before the screen­ing:) thanks so much to all that were involved.

This pre­his­toric forest lead­ing to the beach was the set­ting for our two weeks. no cars, just karts and bike seats. Jonathan and I took a jour­ney into the woods and these trees started talk­ing to me 🙂

2] Mother. Life­guard
about 5 years ago, my friend Adam and I found a lot of 16mm footage in the trash. footage from a family’s life. I took the beach vaca­tion footage and a car­toon of a doc­tors visit and gave it to each artist to paint. I spliced them together and pro­jected onto Cap­tain Charlie’s Cabin #2

3] 2013 colony Artists
I love all these peo­ple. I love our time on the island and how we inspired eachother to push the bound­aries. Lots of cre­ative energy, lots of laughs and lots of flow. Bran­don Guthrie plays a sweet tune on the gui­tar and the nar­ra­tion in mid­dle video is by one of my favorite philoso­phers Alan Watts check out his thought flow, it is amaz­ing.

4] The ghost of Clodin
Every­one at the colony was vis­ited by this ghost in some way. After hear­ing about the ghost sto­ries, from years past, this red hair widow seemed to show her­self in every­ones art­work. Beau­ti­fully acted by Fritzi Huber and Jonathan Sum­mit. the bal­lad was writ­ten by Karl Mul­len and me and is per­formed by Karl Mul­len.

5] Home is where your love is
A won­der­ful col­lab­o­ra­tion with Jumaadi explor­ing the migrant nature we have as artists mov­ing around the world. He laid down this poem sit­ting out­side Acme Art Stu­dio just hours before the final cut of the film.

Thanks to every­one that made this pos­si­ble.
If you would like to apply for a res­i­dency at No Bound­aries Art Colony, do it!