Taking the Photoreading Course

I almost threw this post­card away. I almost didn’t go.

I had just come back from a trip and while going through a stack of mail, I came across this announce­ment from Learn­ing Strate­gies about a Pho­tore­ad­ing Course in the Bay Area.  I’d taken the online/at home course and loved it. This 3-day inten­sive was sound­ing really use­ful for some projects com­ing up in which I would be need­ing to do a lot of read­ing.  I didn’t think I could afford it though.  Thank­fully, I picked the card up out of the trash and decided to ask Learn­ing Strate­gies about a video doc­u­men­ta­tion trade for the course cost. They were up for the adven­ture and have been very encour­ag­ing. Pho­tore­ad­ing will change your life. And the way you read.

Thanks to every­one in the class for let­ting me cap­ture these moments of the inti­mate group learn­ing space. I appre­ci­ate the encour­age­ment from Mil­li­cent St. Claire and Pete Bis­sonette. Thanks to Paul Scheele, Lynette Ayres and all of the Pho­tore­ad­ing pio­neers.