I met Robert Sharp through Bran­don Smith back in 2009 in Wilm­ing­ton North Car­olina. They are both very dear friends of mine now and together with Dustin, Matt, Gary, John, Can­dace and a few other friends we revamped rebranded and repack­aged some of the most eclec­tic mix of video spe­cial effects. I first began work test­ing the plu­g­ins, cre­at­ing mar­ket­ing videos, and tuto­ri­als on how to use the plu­g­ins in cre­ative ways.  I really became pro­fi­cient in After Effects dur­ing this time. My men­tor for the videos was Mark Chris­tensen, a spe­cial effects leg­end, really great coach and friend.

In 2013, I rebuilt the web­site and order­ing sys­tem and worked with devel­op­ers to over­see all the tech sup­port, newslet­ters and mar­ket­ing.

Thank you Robert for all of your help and sup­port.

These are some of my favorites that I had the plea­sure to cre­ate.