Merchants of Reality

In Feb­ru­ary 2015, I returned to San Fran­ciso in high spir­its after trav­el­ing to Japan to shoot Radi­a­tion Fil­ters. My belong­ings were in stor­age and I con­sid­ered if I wanted to live in my van again like I had before the trav­els.  I got a clear sign when my van was bro­ken into while parked out­side of a karaoke bar in Japan town San Fran­cisco.  After report­ing my miss­ing pass­port and per­sonal effects I turned to Craig’s List for the next option and found Mer­chants of Real­ity.  My life was changed.

Dur­ing my year res­i­dency at the SOMA art col­lec­tive, I learned how a gallery oper­ated.  It was beau­ti­ful to be in such a fish bowl type of liv­ing space with con­stant cre­ation hap­pen­ing every­where around. I miss it and the com­mu­nity there.
If you are in San Fran­cisco, stop by Mer­chants of Real­ity. There is prob­a­bly an event going on there. It will change your life. I got to spend a year liv­ing and work­ing as a res­i­dent artist and in-house laugh clown and yes man. The walls are always filled with inspi­ra­tion and the peo­ple that this col­lec­tive attracts are phe­nom­e­nal. I love this fam­ily.