I like to work in many medi­ums.  Here are some of my cur­rent abstract paint­ings

[to see the full col­lec­tion and sizes of the paint­ings, click here. Prices avail­able on requeast]

As I am train­ing to become a Water Doc­tor, nat­u­rally I have started work­ing with water as an art medium and sub­ject through per­for­mance art, instal­la­tions, videos, and con­cep­tual busi­nesses.

Installations & Experiences

[These shows and per­for­mances can be adapted and recre­ated for venue and audi­ence speci­fic pur­poses]



The Water Bowl Spin Ceremony


San Fran­cisco, Cal­i­for­nia

The final cer­e­mony of my artist in res­i­dency at Hayes Val­ley Art­works sculp­ture gar­den in San Fran­cisco, Cal­i­for­nia.

DrMellans Water Bar


The Water Bar

2014 — Present

San Fran­cisco, Cal­i­for­nia

An instal­la­tion pop up that explores, through group activ­ity and com­edy, our intri­cate rela­tion­ship with water. All set into an absurd ren­di­tion of the typ­i­cal bar. More infor­ma­tion here

Earthday Premiere poster_01


Journey to the I Am that Eye Am


San Fran­cisco, Cal­i­for­nia

An exper­i­men­tal film expe­ri­ence of the movie of your entire life pro­jected through lights on an impro­vised screen onto the audience’s taped closed eye lids.  Pho­tos here

DoctorMellan'sChannelYour Supernaturalessence

Channel Your Supernatural Essence


San Fran­cisco, Cal­i­for­nia

A two-day labyrinth instal­la­tion through the magic of the past present of future, bless­ings from holy sages and a pho­tograph of your aura. A stab at new age Dis­ney land in an art pop up. Watch the video here. 


Residencies & Studios

2016 Hayes Val­ley Art­works

As the first artist in a series to fol­low, I spent my time on site work­ing with water in a great bowl and bless­ing peo­ple.

2015 Mer­chants of Real­ity

One of 5 res­i­dent artists who held stu­dio space and oper­ated a col­lab­o­ra­tive art work­space, gallery, and event space.

2014 Work­space Open Stu­dios

One of 30+ artists work­ing in a ware­house in the mis­sion dis­trict San Fran­cisco. Twice a year, a 3-day art show would draw in the crowds.

2013 No Bound­aries Art Colony

Artists from all around the globe come together to become a fam­ily for 2 weeks on Bald Head Island off the coast of North Car­olina

2012  Forest Stu­dio

Pic­tures soon.

Here are some of the videos I’ve cre­ated dur­ing the res­i­den­cies.

Some Paintings, Drawings & Sculptures from the past