Composting Toilet

Sev­eral Artists joined me in Mount Shasta Cal­i­for­nia as I hosted The Water­ing Space Part One Detox. One of the aspects of this expe­ri­ence that I was most proud of was the min­i­mal com­post­ing toi­let sys­tem I designed.

dscf1140 img_7518 img_7519

Sep­a­rat­ing the urine and poop elim­i­nate almost all odor since there is lit­tle liq­uid to fumi­gate. Cov­ered with straw from the yard, there was no smell or flies at all. thank you every­one that con­tributed their poop 
img_75491 img_7557

img_7541 img_7569

New Transit Minimal Camper Build

Hello MTV

New Can­vas.



A can of white gloss spray paint matched the inte­rior paint pretty spot on, so touch ups of scratch marks and stains got a few coats. Didn’t have to do much mask­ing either. Left up the con­stant mil­lion dol­lar beach view van art 🙂IMG_6754

















That’s my mom! A lit­tle over 3 years ago she helped me build this mod­u­lar sleep plat­form and stor­age setup for my van in Arling­ton, Vir­ginia. After few years of liv­ing with this setup, I wanted to exper­i­ment more, so con­ve­niently she was vis­it­ing San Fran­cisco and got to come help me take it apart at Hayes Val­ley Art­works so I could trans­port the Water Bowl.
IMG_6701 IMG_6696












































New Exper­i­ments!

IMG_6914 IMG_6915 IMG_6916 IMG_6917 IMG_6918 IMG_6928 IMG_6929 IMG_6983 IMG_7214 IMG_7240 IMG_7264 IMG_7265 IMG_7266 IMG_7267 IMG_7269

Taking the Photoreading Course

I almost threw this post­card away. I almost didn’t go.

I had just come back from a trip and while going through a stack of mail, I came across this announce­ment from Learn­ing Strate­gies about a Pho­tore­ad­ing Course in the Bay Area.  I’d taken the online/at home course and loved it. This 3-day inten­sive was sound­ing really use­ful for some projects com­ing up in which I would be need­ing to do a lot of read­ing.  I didn’t think I could afford it though.  Thank­fully, I picked the card up out of the trash and decided to ask Learn­ing Strate­gies about a video doc­u­men­ta­tion trade for the course cost. They were up for the adven­ture and have been very encour­ag­ing. Pho­tore­ad­ing will change your life. And the way you read.

Thanks to every­one in the class for let­ting me cap­ture these moments of the inti­mate group learn­ing space. I appre­ci­ate the encour­age­ment from Mil­li­cent St. Claire and Pete Bis­sonette. Thanks to Paul Scheele, Lynette Ayres and all of the Pho­tore­ad­ing pio­neers.





If its mellow

These two bathroom signs are a gift to you! Take your pick, conserve water.

Bathroom Sign 1Bathroom Sign 2
Down­load them and print them out, frame them or sta­ple it up in your bath­room at home and at work.
Every­time you flush the toi­let, 6 gal­lons of fresh water goes down.
These signs are a col­lab­o­ra­tion between artists Roxy Prima and Oliver Mel­lan, both Cal­i­for­nia res­i­dents that want to encour­age sus­tain­able liv­ing and water con­ser­va­tions through­out Cal­i­for­nia in an artis­tic and friendly way.
It’s time to bring back what mom always said.


See more of Roxy Prima’s beau­ti­ful design work here

The doctor’s play at the No Boundaries International Art Colony


These are the shorts that I made dur­ing my 2 week Res­i­dency at the No Bound­aries Inter­na­tional Art Colony.
A very mag­i­cal time to cre­ate, explore and have fun on beau­ti­ful Bald Head Island with 15 other amaz­ingly tal­ented artists. We were a fam­ily on the island and will be life­long friends.

At the end of the 2 weeks, all the artist’s best work was hung in a beau­ti­ful show at Acme Art Stu­dio and is now being installed in the Wilma Daniels gallery exhi­bi­tion till next year. [You can also go catch this film on loop there]
This film also played as part of the 19th Cucalorus Film Fes­ti­val. An honor indeed to have a spot held for a mys­tery film I was mak­ing up until an hour before the screen­ing:) thanks so much to all that were involved.

This pre­his­toric forest lead­ing to the beach was the set­ting for our two weeks. no cars, just karts and bike seats. Jonathan and I took a jour­ney into the woods and these trees started talk­ing to me 🙂

2] Mother. Life­guard
about 5 years ago, my friend Adam and I found a lot of 16mm footage in the trash. footage from a family’s life. I took the beach vaca­tion footage and a car­toon of a doc­tors visit and gave it to each artist to paint. I spliced them together and pro­jected onto Cap­tain Charlie’s Cabin #2

3] 2013 colony Artists
I love all these peo­ple. I love our time on the island and how we inspired eachother to push the bound­aries. Lots of cre­ative energy, lots of laughs and lots of flow. Bran­don Guthrie plays a sweet tune on the gui­tar and the nar­ra­tion in mid­dle video is by one of my favorite philoso­phers Alan Watts check out his thought flow, it is amaz­ing.

4] The ghost of Clodin
Every­one at the colony was vis­ited by this ghost in some way. After hear­ing about the ghost sto­ries, from years past, this red hair widow seemed to show her­self in every­ones art­work. Beau­ti­fully acted by Fritzi Huber and Jonathan Sum­mit. the bal­lad was writ­ten by Karl Mul­len and me and is per­formed by Karl Mul­len.

5] Home is where your love is
A won­der­ful col­lab­o­ra­tion with Jumaadi explor­ing the migrant nature we have as artists mov­ing around the world. He laid down this poem sit­ting out­side Acme Art Stu­dio just hours before the final cut of the film.

Thanks to every­one that made this pos­si­ble.
If you would like to apply for a res­i­dency at No Bound­aries Art Colony, do it!



Flyers and Mushrooms with Josh

Sat­ur­day! My friend Josh hooked it up by print­ing out 11 sheets of fly­ers for the show on some nice paper from his work. So grate­ful. I went over to Dolores park to meet u with him and another friend Chris. Smi­ley was rolling around the park sell­ing goods. He gave us an unbeat­able deal for some mush­rooms. what a guy! what a park! From there, we went back to my stu­dio to gob­ble down the mush­rooms and get funky with the fly­ers, water col­ors, a face scrub­bing brush and tear­ing. The day was awe­some fun and spon­ta­neous, lead­ing us to a Sene­galese restau­rant to wan­der into eat­ing an awe­some din­ner at the best table in the restau­rant for watch­ing an incred­i­ble Fla­menco Dance per­for­mance.

mushroom, coconut butter, peanut butter cracker





Open Studios




I have about 10 projects that are cur­rently opened up in my stu­dio. It is a lit­tle chaotic, but so much fun. Excited for this week to bring some clo­sure to some of the pieces and start­ing form­ing the lay­out of the instal­la­tion.

adding clouds to a mellow rock birdStucco paint on canvas