The Composition Bo

This famil­iar com­po­si­tion note­book did not get left out in the rain. IT DID NOT GET DIPPED IN COFFEE

The dam­age is inten­tional and nec­es­sary for your future inter­ac­tions with this book.

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$10 + postage

OR, make your own. A stan­dard com­po­si­tion note­book was cut in half with a cir­cu­lar saw then dipped into a dye bath to cre­ate some very inter­est­ing tex­tures on each page.

I have been using this method for a few years to break the WHITE ICE…The timid begin­nings on stark white pages.  I find that if the page is already fucked up, what­ever I add is ok and I can let it flow eas­ily and often use the shapes of the dye to stem ideas and draw­ings from.  Please put what­ever you want in here! draw­ings, poems, notes, to-do lists, dreams, goals, and stick­ers. Any­thing you want.. What­ever you put in is per­fect!