I was once in a group work­shop and a friend turned to me and said. “Oliver, you’re like the visual feed­back of the group.”  I laughed because I had been danc­ing around dur­ing the brain­storm ses­sion a lot…but I also see how that title fits in many ways. 👽✌☯

Below is a resume kind-of-thing and here is my work PORTFOLIO.

Thanks, friends.

Have fun!

If you’d like to col­lab­o­rate, please email me at olivermellan@gmail.com

 Some of my current positions include

Director @ VIDEOWAYS

Vide­oways is a video con­sult­ing and pro­duc­tion sup­port bou­tique that loves to col­lab­o­rate with inspir­ing brands, groups, and cooookie big ideas through media and story. 

Curator @ The Watering Space

This is an amoeba-shaped Art res­i­dency pro­gram that pro­vides spaces and oppor­tu­ni­ties for artists and cre­atives to work in, about, or with water.

These are some of the companies that I’ve had the pleasure in co-creating

Found­ing mem­ber @ FreakerUSA

Found­ing mem­ber @ Mix­grotto

Co-founder @ The Earth Day Film Fes­ti­val



Radi­a­tion Fil­ters 2016

Six Plan­ets of the Song 2013


2016 Hayes Val­ley Art­works

2015 Mer­chants of Real­ity

2014 Work­space Open Stu­dios

2013 No Bound­aries Art Colony

Some companies that I’ve had the pleasure to work with

Digi­ef­fects   ||  Idean   ||    Mac House  ||   Indigo Films   ||   Sword­fish SF  ||  Slow Clap || MDT   ||   Encore Hol­ly­wood  ||  Rind-Raja Pic­ture Com­pany   ||  Blue­berry Cre­ative  || byDe­sign Films || Onema Pic­tures  

Skills and Certifications 

Pho­tore­ad­ing 2016

EFT [emo­tional free­dom tech­nique] 2015

Sub­sti­tute Teacher Train­ing 2009

BA Film Stud­ies Uni­ver­sity of North Car­olina Wilm­ing­ton 2009


celly cell: (808)298‑5539

email: olivermellan@gmail