You’re right on time…  I’m Doc­tor Mel­lan and I’ll be assist­ing you today to see a path to your great­est des­tiny.

Through rad­i­cal accep­tance and deep for­give­ness, my meth­ods of chan­nelling energy tap into the intu­itive forms of reiki, EFT, water ther­apy, laugh­ing yoga, indige­nous rit­u­als and artis­tic inter­pre­ta­tions of sci­ence. Cur­rently, I work from the base of Mount Shasta, Cal­i­for­nia and con­nect with peo­ple around the globe.  These are my cur­rent health offer­ings:

Quick card pull via text message __ $8

1hr Skype video card reading __ $65

Weekly Animal totem card pull with text or email message __ $22/month

Weekly Skype Video or phone call for totem guidance using animal totem medicine cards __ &128/month

2hr Water Therapy Session __ $85

Using a chan­nel: When I pull the cards, I am tap­ping into a chan­nel of energy that has been opened up through ancient forms of rit­ual. I clear my energy by yoga, fire and med­i­ta­tion. I sit within the med­i­cine cir­cle, close my eyes and ask the guid­ing spir­its for a gift on your behalf. I will feel a spark through one of my fin­gers alert­ing me that the card under that fin­ger is meant for you.  Each ani­mal has strengths and weak­nesses, you are being given the oppor­tu­nity to lis­ten and learn, embody and embell­ish if you so desire. These cards are just a medium. the accom­pa­ny­ing book is inspir­ing.










Book in the works!

A vari­ety of lifestyle adjust­ments in his first book ‘Lifestyle Genet­ics’ which dis­cusses the con­stant genetic mod­i­fi­ca­tion each one of us goes through as the water sur­round­ing our DNA is exchanged and changed with new water or other sub­stances. What you take, takes you.