Freaker USA

Team Freaker USA are the ambas­sadors of fun. The Freaker is the sex­i­est thing you can fit on your bot­tle and together they are as patri­otic as the Amer­ica flag itself.

One of four founders of the com­pany in 2011, Oliver’s key role was the video direc­tor that cre­ated a slew of viral videos that guided Amer­ica to fall in love with Zach, the team, the freaker and the lifestyle that the freaker is an invi­ta­tion to.  Start­ing with the video that Kick­starter dubbed “The Holy Grail of Kick­starter videos”, Oliver cre­ated con­tent for Zach’s apper­ance on shark­tank, national tradeshows, and in-store tele­vi­sions. Oliver recently directed the Freaker Feet Kick­starter video and is cur­rently in pre-pro­duc­tion for episodic releases about the Freaker Sum­mer Tour 2015.






















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What is a freaker?

What is a Freak?

What is Freaker USA?