Hayes Valley Artworks Residency

 June Artist in Residence

A series of Water Cer­e­mony per­for­mances to chris­ten the Hayes Val­ley Art Works land with the bless­ing of water and water play hosted by artist Doc­tor Oliver Mel­lan.

When begin to view the method and energy in which any given task is done,

we can start to see the great value in the cer­e­mony and process of things, peo­ple, art and expe­ri­ences. We can see cer­e­mony as art.


The bowl as the stage. A con­tainer for water.

The body, a stage and a con­tainer of water.


Light & Spirits

Call in the seven direc­tions North, South, East, West, Up, Down, and Within.

Call in the ele­ments of Fire, Air, Earth, Water and the dis­solv­ing of the illu­sion of time.






The sound of the bowl is like the breathe. Breath­ing form into water.

The cre­ation in water, a sound vibra­tion. A wave of energy print­ing all that we see in this water filled 3D real­ity.




Birth is the process of pulling out of a watery state and begin­ning a cal­en­dar counted spin around the sun.

Exam­ine a water mol­e­cule in the cen­ter of a vor­tex could be spin­ning faster than the speed of light.

Sci­ence now knows.


Light becomes the time and our met­ric for spins.

how do we play?

Oliver_Finale (12 of 22) HayesValley_artist_oliver_120

Pho­tog­ra­phy by Elese

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Thanks to Andrew Gar­cia for the video doc­u­men­ta­tion of the Sol­stice Cer­e­mony


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Another adven­ture with the bowl!

Dye­ing in the Bowl from oliver mel­lan on Vimeo.