The Water Bar

DrMellans Water Bar


Did you know that your body is made of water? Did you know that water goes in a cycle? Beyond being wet, did you know that water is old? Some his­to­ri­ans, sci­en­tists, and spir­i­tual guides are dis­cov­er­ing that water is alive. Some say that water is the most intel­li­gent life form on this planet and that it man­i­fests itself as humans and all the other life forms we see on this planet. 

Can you look at a lake the same? Does the water speak to you when you’re tak­ing a shower? Can you explain the grav­ity-defy­ing­dance of mist? 

If you choose to be engulfed, you will be trans­ported through the nine quan­tum realms of the macro­verse. Through water, past DNA and into the light source of exis­tence itself, then return­ing only to learn that the added ingre­di­ents in all other drinks are merely dis­trac­tions for your body to choke on. 

Wel­come to the Water Bar. 

This trav­el­ing art instal­la­tion is a comedic and med­i­c­i­nal expe­ri­ence for all peo­ple with bod­ies of water. If you are alive, you will enjoy Doc­tor Mellan’s Water Bar.

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A painting of blue water paint dropped, spilled and poured each day of summer last year as a prayer and meditation of rain.

A paint­ing of blue water paint dropped, spilled and poured each day of sum­mer last year as a prayer and med­i­ta­tion of rain.



Fea­tured in Dual­ity Mag­a­zine