Webcam Post 07

oliv­er­mel­lan : March 19, 2013 7:33 AM : Blog, PROJECTS, Transtu­dio, WEBCAM CHALLENGE

On my way west, Ive had a few fun adven­tures along the way. thanks for peo­ple help­ing peo­ple. what makes the world go round and vans get out of the mud.

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Webcam Post 06

oliv­er­mel­lan : March 7, 2013 5:34 AM : WEBCAM CHALLENGE

Today is a legit­i­mate snow day. about 6 inches last night. stay­ing in Indi­ana another day. keep­ing warm inside. Stock footage audio is from Archive.org Prelinger Archives. www.archive.org is an excel­lent source for old retro and roy­alty free video and audio. def­i­nitely fun to throw into the edit mix. 

The time­lapse was on a timer for this morn­ing at 7 am. I used Video Vel­loc­ity. A free time­lapse soft­ware that ive been falling in love with.

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Webcam Post 05

oliv­er­mel­lan : March 7, 2013 5:33 AM : Blog, PROJECTS, WEBCAM CHALLENGE

So…not really with my web­cam. shot with a gopro. tiny lit­tle water­proof HD cam­era. It can shoot at 60 frames. all this footage was slowmo and the audio clip was New Order Biz­zare love tri­an­gle play­ing on the radio in my truck on the way home. slowed down at 60fps it sounded neat and nos­tal­gic. Im very much look­ing for­ward to surf­ing it up this sum­mer.

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WEbcam Post 04

oliv­er­mel­lan : March 7, 2013 5:31 AM : WEBCAM CHALLENGE

I am in Indi­ana, it is Sat­urn snow storm and I am inside stay­ing warm for now. watch­ing the snow fall. gonna go out for a night snow adven­ture later. this is a time­lapse shot with VideoVe­loc­ity. it is a free time­lapse soft­ware for web­cam or DSLR. there are so many settings…including motion detec­tion and a timer! check it out!

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Webcam post 03

oliv­er­mel­lan : March 7, 2013 5:27 AM : Uncat­e­go­rized, WEBCAM CHALLENGE

I recorded a fun tech sup­port video with pho­to­booth but it didnt record any of the audio! Oh well, no more tech sup­port tick­ets to go through until tomor­row. it is fun though. You can down­load a free trial of digi­ef­fects plu­g­ins from http://www.digieffects.com/

More web­cam action tomor­row! day 4

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Webcam post 2

oliv­er­mel­lan : March 3, 2013 8:12 PM : Blog, Transtu­dio, WEBCAM CHALLENGE

I had a neat lit­tle setup with a man­frotto magic arm and my canon 60D shoot­ing a still image every 30 sec­onds. Magic Lat­tern hack gives you inter­velome­ter options for still and video mode. The 2nd video in the web­cam chal­lenge with Adri­enne O’Docharty…mine is a lit­tle late. finally got to my dads house with inter­net. another one post­ing tonight!

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webcam Post 1

oliv­er­mel­lan : Feb­ru­ary 25, 2013 11:49 PM : Blog, PROJECTS, Uncat­e­go­rized, WEBCAM CHALLENGE

web cam chal­lenge for the month of March with my baby Adri­enne. This is me pack­ing up my Ford Tran­sit Con­nect Transtu­dio. A cus­tom build out to sep­a­rate the space into a bot­tom stor­age area and a top sleep­ing area. Its super nice! Head­ing west to San Fran­cisco in the morn­ing. Another video posted tomor­row. You can see Adriennes’s video by search­ing Adri­enne O’Docharty.

song by Block­head

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